eReader Solutions

To support the growing trend for training organisations providing courseware material (Study Notes etc.) to their student delegates as an eReader option, Total Training Support Ltd are able to offer secure eReader products and services.

It is always worth securing your study materials to prevent them being illegally distributed or even sold (on eBay for example), even long after your courses have been completed.  This only serves to damage your organisation's business potential and reputation.


There are many opportunities and delivery options available.  Here are just a couple of possibilities.


Option 1: TTS provide Study Notes as an eProduct download which can be opened on 1 or more devices (tablet such as iPad or android device, laptop, desktop etc.) for a limited duration.  The student can read the material during the active period duration.  When the active period expires, the material can no longer be accessed. The Active period can be set to any duration you want, for example 1-month, 6-months, 2-years, or until a set date in the future, depending on the duration of the course.  Copying and printing of the course material is not permitted.

The eProduct course material can be accessed offline, after activation.  It can be delivered via a download link or on a USB memory stick (however, remember that not all tablet devices have a USB port).

We can even replace the TTS logo with your own logo, and add additional pages and header/footer details on all your personalized course material. This may be necessary if you need to record content changes and issue numbers, which is a necessity if you are a Part-147 approved organisation.  There is a 1-off fee payable for this service.

The cost is dependent upon the duration and the number of devices to which each eProduct will be locked to. Please contact us, detailing your exact requirements, and an estimate of how many downloads you will be requiring per month or per year, for a price.


Option 2: If you already have your own Study Notes, and can convert them to PDF, TTS can provide the security encryption. As above, the cost is dependant upon how many devices you want each eProduct to be locked to, and for what active duration. Please contact us, detailing your exact requirements, and an estimate of how many downloads you will be requiring permonth or per year, for a price.

Since you will be supplying your own technical content for your Study Notes, you will be buying only the encryption service. You will find that the cost for such a service is very reasonable and well worthwhile securing your courseware material and preventing illegal and uncontrolled distribution of your property.


For each of the Options described above, and any other option you can think of, we will set-up your own online Client Resource Center, where you can log-in, and order your Modular courseware as immediate eProduct downloads via an emailed link, or a USB memory stick which will arrive by mail in just a few days following the placement of your order.