Module 5 - The Next Generation

NEW for 2016

Following our recent update of Module 10 - Aviation Legislation, and the great positive feedback we recieved concerning this, we have just launched our latest issue of Module 5 - Digital Techniques / Electronic Instrument Systems.  This new training aid has been totally updated to keep abreast of the latest technological developments in civil aviation, for large aircraft and also the new digital instrumentation systems now taking general aviation by storm. Touchscreen displays, head-up displays, synthetic vision, AMOLED displays and the latest developments in GPS, IMA, cabin systems and information systems are all included in this latest issue.

Example Module 5 page (Hard-Copy Colour version)

It is available in 5 versions - Category A, B1.1/B1.3, B1.2/B1.4, B2 and B3, in strict accordance with the Part-66 syllabus.  Each version is for sale in Mono (b/w) hard-copy, colour hard-copy or eReader formats, in either Portrait or Landscape orientations, whichever is your reading preference.  It is also available to corporate training organisations, in MSWord, and PowerPoint, all fully editable, with an extended copyright covenant.

We have put a lot of time and expense into the illustrations that accompany the text, and as such, you will find these both professionally presented and informative.

The format of the documents is quite different from previous TTS study manuals.  We are calling this the "Next Gen" of our study materials.  The text and the associated illustrations are on alternate pages (the Landscape format is strictly in accordance with the requirements of ATA104).  No numbered illustration references are used (we use only the terms "as shown below" etc.) so that our corporate customers (who buy the editable formats) can very easily edit the documents - removing any content that they feel are too much for the syllabus, and adding any that they feel are lacking (not that this would ever be required).

Example Module 5 page (eReader version)

We also include links to relevant video clips which can be viewed by anyone with internet access and a browser (iPad, laptop, PC etc.), showing animations and professional descriptions of the principles involved in the subject matter. These can be used by anyone who is self-studying the Modules, or by instructors wishing to augment the classroom experience for their students.

It is without doubt our finest quality product to-date, and we will be applying this same dedication to quality to all our Module study notes revisions to the Next Gen from now on.


The Module 5 Syllabus

It is no secret amongst trainers and others responsible for the delivery of the content of the Module 5 syllabus, that the syllabus is somewhat illogical. Additionally, much of the Module 5 content is a duplication of the content of other Modules, and indeed the whole of subsection 5.15 is duplicated in Module 11A and 13.  As practitioners we must work with what we are given and as such we have stuck to the syllabus religiously, although the reason that a B3 technician should study the Airbus' ECAM system, but not Boeing's EICAS, or indeed why the Light Aircraft (B3) technician needs to know about "Cabin Systems" and "Integrated Modular Avionics" is known only to those that wrote the syllabus. 


Anyone wishing to buy a copy of the new Modue 5 Study Manual can do so in the TTS bookshop.  You can choose from a variety of options and formats - Hard Copy (in Regular or Durable, Portrait or Landscape), or eReader. You will also need to specify the Licence Category for which you are studying.

If you have any questions regarding this new Module 5 release, please do not hesitate to use "Ask a Question" below.